Teenager's Poems
1996 to 2003

As these poems were written between 1996 and 2003 by teenagers who are now adults, the surnames have been left off. If you want to reclaim a poem and have your name attached please contact teenmag@irelandcalls.com. We can add your name or remove the poem. Better still, give us a paragraph about yourself to add to your poem.

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Original Message from the editor
"If you like to read poetry then you've come to the right place!! Send in your own poetry or your friends poetry [with their permission of course] and I will publish it!!"


A Little Praise - Author Unknown
All You Have Done - Heidi J.
Alone- Alanna
Always - Sarah
America - Miguel
Amputated - Robin
An Apology - Heidi J.
Ancient Tower - Ronnie
A New Way To See - Beth
Anniversary, The - Ronnie
An Ode to Reality - Julian
Anticipation, Excitement, and Still More to Come - Laura
At The End Of The Day - Laura
A Typical Conversation - Tara
As I destroy the feelings which haunt my soul - Lezlie
A Shell - Lezlie
A Warning - Amy


Beautiful, Familiar Stranger - Kirsten
Be only but you - Laura
Blame game,The - Chevon
Blind Date - Derdo
Blood Brother - Charles
Bond Between Donald and Jacqui on their Wedding Day, The - Jacqui
Busy Falling - Kenny
Butterfly Love - Liz


Candice Zowtuk - Minus
Candle in My Darkness - Autumn
Comprehension of Unpredicted Attractions - David
Confused - Robynalyssa


Dead alone - Christina
Death of an Innocent - Anonymous
Dedication to the Young Deceased - Elizabeth
Dirt - Kirsten
Do you Care- Sarah
Don't ever fall in love- Jennifer Ramirez, Amanda Martinez
Dreams - Anonymous


Easy - Jack
Echoes - Thomas
Euphorsyne - Donal
Evening On The Pontine Marsh - Ronnie


Fairy Glen, The - Sasha
Famine, The - Róisín Hambly
Fear - anonymous
FiveSixteen - Melissa
Flying - Darbee
For Fifth Grade - Rachel
Freedom - Danny
Freedom Rings - Stacey
Friend or No Friend - Casey


Get Well Soon - Amy
Ghost Castle - Ronnie
Glass Mirror, The - Liz
Goodbye - Sady
Got to be There- Colm


Heart Beyond the Picket Fence, The - Amy
Heartbreaker - Casey
Here... - Amy
He Said - Stephanie
Hiding Feelings - Shane
Him - Terri
How Do I Tell You - Amanda
How True I Know You - Jaime
Human Nature - Jason
Hunting The Innocent - EnnJay


I Am - Erin
I knew her, did you? -Jessica
"I Love You" - Rachel
Impressions Obsolete - Niki
I Never Found You - Miguel C.
Innocence found and lost - David
Ireland - KEN
I stood there in the golden sun - Chelsea
It's not the same - Lauren
It stands so high with so much hope - Diane
It's you that makes my heartache - Casey
I went to the pictures tomorrow - Gina
I Wish it would Rain - David
I Want to Know - Jazz8284


Joseph - Charles
Journey - Elyza
Journey Home, The - Gertrude
Just Forget Me - Amanda




Last Love Song, The - Thomas Vaughan Jones
Leprechaun's Lament, The - Thomas Vaughan Jones
Let Me Go - L Dev
" Leaves's Poem" - Dewi
Life - Fahima
Life - L. Lenc
Locomotive In The Park - Ernest
Looking For You - Andrew
"Lose Your Innocence" - Anne
Love - anonymous
Love - Jim
Love - Kelly
Love Letter - Jessica


Manifesto for Teens Everywhere - A J
Mask - Amanda
Mask II - Amanda
Memories of You - Heidi J.
Meta for - Joe
Missing Little Boy - Russ
Missing something - James
Missing You - Casey
Missing You - Heidi J.
Misty Kitty - Jacqui
More than Chemistry - Joe
Must Go On - Stephanie
My Angel - Ammie
My Best-Friend - Jenny
My Confusion - L. H.
My Dream - Ammie
My Fathers Gone - Sarah
My Guardian Angel- S.D.L
My Life with Jacqui - Donald
My Love - Shannon
My One True Star - Jaime
My Own Star to Keep - anonymous
My Poem - Gina Allen
My Prayers for You - Terri
Mysterious. - Shannon


Nature's Version of You - Laura
Nightingale, The - Joe
Not Long Enough - Heather


O'Casey's Wake - Thomas
Ode to a Muse - anonymous
Ode to a Rose - Noel
On a Fair Amber Haired Maiden - Ben
"On the Street of Dreams" - James
Opal Shade - Breanna
Our Home - Heather


Passion For Innocence - Aushrine
Past - Seven
Peace is a Problem - Roylyn
People - Lucy
Perfect Stranger - Heidi J.
Pride of Lycurgus, The - Charles
Point of Life - Sitka
Poison chalice, The- Brian




Reason - Anna
Relationship - Carrie
Rock stands alone and grand, The - Diane


Scream - Robynalyssa
See me , hear me , hold me - Adrianne
Separation - Ammie
Seventh of December - William
She - Brianne
Silence - Jacqui
Sitting on the Cliffs of Moher - Mike
Six Tears - Chris
"So Far But So Near" - James
So many times to touch you - S.D.L
Someday, I might find a way- Joe
Somedays - Anne
Sport? - William Bough
Stalker Ballad - Melissa
Stories Untold - Bridie
Sweet... - Larry
Simply You - Winona


Tears of Glass - unknown
"Thanks" - Anne
That One Smile - Laura
The End - Quinsey
There is no such thing as a normal person - Hilary
There was a point when - anonymous
The very thought of her - James
This one is just for you baby - David
'till death - unknown
Time - Donald
To a Vegetarian - Julianne
Todays Day - Ammie
Tomorrow - Robynalyssa
Trust - Heidi J.
Trust in Me - Andrew
Truth, The - Liz


Uncle Henry - Thomas
Unknown, The- S.D.L




Wasting Despair In Her Silence - Megan
What's in the Box? - Tara
When Do I Get my Turn - Heidi J.
When Fall passes - Jasper
Where Does Hate Come From - Andrea
Where is god - Sarah
Why? - Erin
Why - Michaela fissel
Why Do I Miss Him So Much - Anonymous
Why I love you - Melissa
Words from the Heart -Lizzie
Where do you Find - Miguel




Yesterday - Kristi
"you" - Crysta
You & Me - Melissa
You are on my mind - Beth
You said that it was over - Elizabeth
You Say - Lizzie
You've got me trapped - Lauren



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