World Teenage Fashions
From 1996 to 2003

Have Teen Fashions changed much since the 90s and naughties? This page was started in 1996 and readers were invited to send in their contributions.

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Canadian Fashion ( July 2002)

Here in CANADA! We are wearing boot cut, faded jeans and tight sleeveless shirts. Wild colors are in along with the beiges and stuff. We wear hoop earring but not rings or bracelets. We have lotsa faded jeans and mini skirts and cool belts. Our shoes are and vans like skateboard shoes. Our hair can be any way we want but not too fancy more hip like down or up in a messy bun.


Australian Fashion (August 2002)

In Australia at the moment its the "peasent girl look"

• long skirts
• anything with lace
• hippy shirts
• nude colour makeup
• white thongs
• dangly earrings
• tight jeans, it's my favourite cause it's comfy and stylish

Australian Fashion (September 2002)

I live in Australia, here the fasion is Bright coloured flared pants, bright sleveless v-neck tops, and when its cold we still wear our big USA jumpers

Saudi Arabian Fashion (February 2003)

I'm living in Aaudi Arabia... But I'm not Arab. Me and all my frneds are people ranging from places like South Africa, Scottland, Australia.. and lots more.. I am Canadian...

The style here is mostly still flare jeans... tight t-shirts... flashy jewelry and Adidas shoes... But I'm not totally into that kind of stuff.. I'm into more funky punk clothes....

On a usual day I'm wearing.. Some sk8 shoes(DC's or whatever, everything doesn't have to be brand name for me...) a semi tight t-shirt or spapy top.. Preferably more than one color and if not black or white... A pair of baggy past the knee shorts.. in other words some mens baggy shorts in Xtra large with a belt... Lots of eyeliner..(thats it for make-up) sum of my funky colored spike cuffs. Shag bands..(you know those kids plastic braclets.. well lots of em..) either black or funky colours depending on my mood... rings and funky socks.. Like striped ones with funny colours of something..

My hair is usually down (which is a mess since I have really wavy hair) but sumtimes I put it in pigtails... I sometimes wear sweat bands... I never wear spiky collars... but I do wear (this may sound odd) cat collars.. I started this when I was really young.. I took my cats collar off and put it on.. since then its been my thing.. One thing out of many that set me apart from every1 else!!

I have been considerd a punk... and a sk8er chik... Which is cool cuz lets just say there isn't many more around here.. Every1 here dresses the same.. and its getting old!! sk8er boys are almost all thats here.. and yes.. they're hott!!!!!!

PEACE OUT! - Danielle


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