Teenager's Poems
1996 to 2003

As these poems were written between 1996 and 2003 by teenagers who are now adults, the surnames have been left off. If you want to reclaim a poem and have your name attached please contact teenmag@irelandcalls.com. We can add your name or remove the poem. Better still, give us a paragraph about yourself to add to your poem.

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Amputated by Robin

Dedicated to Colin

No leg, no running, no racing
Only his hands can do his placings.
His feet can no longer do the walking
So his mouth must do the talking.

He realises that his body may not be whole
But his spirit is very full.
For he knows that his body may live on earth
But in heaven his spirit will find a new birth.
Then on the day of his death
He utters love, hope, and peace with his last breath.

The Lord laid him down and took his staff,
Then said, as He laid a hand on his calf,
"With you, my servant, I am well pleased,
For you have gone and done my deeds.
Rest peacefully, eternally, in this house
With the Spirit the Father, and Me."

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