Teenager's Poems
1996 to 2003

As these poems were written between 1996 and 2003 by teenagers who are now adults, the surnames have been left off. If you want to reclaim a poem and have your name attached please contact teenmag@irelandcalls.com. We can add your name or remove the poem. Better still, give us a paragraph about yourself to add to your poem.

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You've got me trapped by Lauren

It seems everytime I think of you, the same thoughts creep inside my head,
The promises, words, and secrets that never should have been said.
I fall into the same trap each time, no matter how far I am away,
And it always ends up turning out that you're the predator, I'm the prey.
And yes I should have learned my lesson because now it seems so clear,
But there is something pulling me, everytime more near.
You have so many lines to say, the plots to lead me on,
You are like the howling wind, present and then gone.
Now my thoughts are drifting, and oh what shall I think,
The compassion you used to show me is gone within a blink.
I can never share my feelings, they hide like shadows in the dust,
Because how will you respond, with desrespect or trust?
So many of my nights turn sleepless and all because of you,
You keep me awake wondering about what is next to do.
My mind is always telling me you gave my heart a crack,
But all I keep on thinking is how to get you back.

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