Teenager's Poems
1996 to 2003

As these poems were written between 1996 and 2003 by teenagers who are now adults, the surnames have been left off. If you want to reclaim a poem and have your name attached please contact teenmag@irelandcalls.com. We can add your name or remove the poem. Better still, give us a paragraph about yourself to add to your poem.

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The Fairy Glen by Sasha

Way down by the mill there is a land
But to people without magic it is a common piece of sand
Here, I sit and stay
And watch the many fairies play
But when they see me they take me on adventures for the whole day
We slide down the rainbow into mystic lands and take the pot of gold
And watch the little pixie folk tell tales of old
The fairies dance to haunting tunes played on harp and flute
And then they share out the loot found at the end of the rainbow
And when I crouch down very low
They give me few a penny
To them it is many but in out world it is worth not much
For in our world there is greed and hatred
But in their world there is only peace
They watch our world not in awe
But in sympathy
More and more as the years go by
As the night draws in mother calls me to come home
And I leave their land in joy
But tomorrow I shall return
To my Fairy Glen

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