Teenager's Poems
1996 to 2003

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My One True Star by Jaime

I stare and stare at just one star and see a hope
a dream that was lost from no trust
a love that was never noticed
a wish that was never wished
I stare and wonder if I actually understand
a dream is said to be something that's true
but what does it all mean to anyone
is a dream really understandable
is love really a feeling
I sit and wonder and think just maybe
that one day I will understand just what it means
I stare and stare at you and see a life
a dream that lives with a fire of hope
a flame that burns with all desires
a flame that flickers with each aspiration
a love that fills with each new life
a love that flows like a river of passion
the passion so deep and yet so true
your heart so meaningful and true
so special and delicate
I'm almost afraid to touch you
so believing in so many ways that your love is yet so sweet
I sit and watch as you move yet so smooth
your head so high but yet so low
you know true love when you see it
but you still have questions that yet I can't answer
I try so hard to be just perfect
you say you love me but I wonder do you really
my heart says yes
but my mind wonders how
my love for you strong
my heart for you filled
my hope in you overwhelming
I close my eyes and see your smile
I reach my hands out just to hold you
I hold my emotions from you
but no matter what I do you always bring it out
my expressions strong
my love everlasting
my feelings to strong
I wish to say more, but can't express myself
so please be patient
while I learn to respect
I wish upon that one special star
but as I look above my star looks burned out
I see no light
but I see a hope
a hope so strong and yet so willing
the moon so bright
it gives me a light of just one hope
that just one day I might really know
what's left for me
my eyes fill with tears for one last chance
to show my love for you
the stars no limit
the moon no boundary
the stars my wishing well
the moon my light
my love for you strong
my love for you hidden
we were meant to be together
I can't explain it
but yet you make me whole
if life was life without you
take me away
I wish and wish that I was perfect
to make you have just one thing you might want
but my life so complicated
and yet so dear
you take me in
you shelter my problems
you shelter my life
with you by my side
I can do anything
I wish and feel
that just one day you might know my love
when I look into your eyes I see you already do
you smile and dream
and wish so dear
for just one thing to let you know
that my love for you will always be there
you can't explain it, but you know it's there
you can't see it, but you feel it
you can't hear it, but you see it
sometimes your cries can't reach me
but still I know their there
I can't always hear your laughs
but I can see your smiles
if words had to explain
I couldn't say enough
I turn my head to hide my tears
but you never turn yours on me
with every tear that comes another one follows
but you always wipe them away
I think and wonder just for hours
and still I'm left with no answers
I ask for not much, but just for you to love me
so please with one last desire
and one last emotion
please just say...
you love me

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