Teenager's Poems
1996 to 2003

As these poems were written between 1996 and 2003 by teenagers who are now adults, the surnames have been left off. If you want to reclaim a poem and have your name attached please contact teenmag@irelandcalls.com. We can add your name or remove the poem. Better still, give us a paragraph about yourself to add to your poem.

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Manifesto for Teens Everywhere by A. J. age 17 in 1999

Emaciated, anorexic, bolemic,
too fat, too ugly, too tall
These are the thoughts that course through a mind,
A young mind, so influential.

Why do you feel this way?
What can I do to help you?
Where are you going in life?

You are stupid!
"You aren't good enough to be on the team this year"
they try to say it nicely, they try to make you feel good about it.
But it never comes across that way, does it. Never.

Continually trying to better yourself, always fighting,
they just don't understand you.
Make-up, diets, make-overs,
doesn't anything work?

Look at that girl.
Her life is so perfect!

I wish I had long hair, I wish I had short hair.
A size what? And you fit into that?
With the amount you eat it's no wonder you're as big as a horse.
Nothing you do is right.

You are a teenage girl. Only one purpose guys like you.
You don't have a boyfriend
Then there must be something wrong with you.
too thin, too tall, too fat, too short, hair is too long, hair is too
short, stupid, you are too smart....
how can you be too smart.
guys don't like that in a girl.
So play DUMB. Wait you don't have to, you already are.

You are a teenage guy. Well you only have one thing on your mind!
You don't have a girlfriend?
Then there is something wrong with you.
too much acne, too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, not muscular
enough, you have glasses you are a geek.
You are stupid.
girls like that in a guy.
So be a muscle bound moron, with only testosterone driving you.
That's what is expected.

You are stupid.
You never do a good job.
Everything you do is wrong!
Do you have a job?
You don't?
Well you know why.
You look horrific, and you smell.
You don't have the trendy cloths?
You're a loser!
You're a geek.

No friends, there is a reason.
You are a LONER.
Don't you drink?
Don't you do Drugs?

NOW why are you crying.
You have no reason to cry, you are so emotional
Everything that is said you take so literally.
Clean up your act, and people will like you, you know that in your

That's another thing. None of your ideas are ever good enough.
That thing you did.

D U M B O!
I don't know why you ever thought that would work.
You know that everything you come up with fails.
All your ideas, stink.

You are so weak...
These issues are nothing compared to what other people deal with.
You are making too much out of everything.
Just crawl up somewhere and hide.
You know you want to.
You know you should,
We don't want you around anyway....
You don't matter!
What are you to me? NOTHING.

Why can't you just be beautiful, like the models on T.V.? Why does your life stink?
NO perfect world for you.
Everyone else seems so happy.
why can't you be like everybody else?

(You don't have to think this way you know. Don't look so surprized.)
You are fine the way you are! Whoever told you differently!
Your parents, your teachers, your friends?
Some friends...did you ever stop to think that the problem may be with


If it's your teachers... then they aren't very good at the job they are
supposed to be doing.
I wouldn't want them teaching my child.

Parents... well sometimes parents go a little too far.
What they think is right, may have been right for them.
When they were young.
But you are growing up at a different time and are faced with many
different things.
Times have changed.
Maybe give them suggestions, and insist that they hear you.
Let them hear all of those thoughts.
Let them know.

You don't need to look like some model,
Chances are that the pictures you see are
You should ask those models someday if they are indeed happy.
I can tell you the answer right now.

You ARE smart, you just need someone to tell you that.
High grades don't necessarily mean that you are a genius.
They mean that you are keen about what you are doing.
But you don't have to be graded on life.
If you are happy doing something do it.
To the best of your ability.
The worst thing is not to try, no matter what your fear.

You aren't a looser, or a loner. You ARE somebody!
You just haven't found the right kind of people for you.
Image is nothing. Just do your own thing and be yourself.
Trends are passing.
Make your own trend. You probably already have
But the people who are feeling worse than you won't admit that you
influenced them in any way.

Why do it?
For that guy?
Darling if he doesn't like you for who you are then don't bother.
He isn't worth the time.
Your health is more important.
And what ever size you are. Is the right size for you.
If we were all meant to fit into a size 7 then we would.

Don't think for a moment that your feelings don't matter.They do.
Every tear, every laugh.
It's all just you.
There is a reason for those feelings.
Never lose sight of that.

You are so strong.
You are a teenager living in the dawn of the 21st Century.
There are so many more problems
Facing you now than there was facing a teen ten years ago.
If you are living today pat yourself on the back
chances are that you have dealt with many things in your life.

Did you ever think that you just ARE the way you ARE because you ARE?
Well it is true.
There is documented proof somewhere.....(but that doesn't matter)

YOUR life is important.

YOU ARE strong.

YOUR ideas matter.

YOUR feelings matter.

YOUR life matters.

YOU ARE loved

YOU matter.

(And that matters to me.)

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