Teenager's Poems
1996 to 2003

As these poems were written between 1996 and 2003 by teenagers who are now adults, the surnames have been left off. If you want to reclaim a poem and have your name attached please contact teenmag@irelandcalls.com. We can add your name or remove the poem. Better still, give us a paragraph about yourself to add to your poem.

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So Far But So Near by James

It seems so long ago, I was young and carefree.
Now with all these years what is there to show.
Dreams can torture the mind and bring so much sorrow,
yet I crave and long for each session.
I feel this is a lesson of no tommorrows.
Shadows follow me everywhere voices in my ear,
crazy thoughts envelope my mind, I have no fear.
Barrier walls surround me and protect me, Jazz riffs feed my brain.
The beat goes on and on like a haunting refrain.
When things go wrong a man ain't got a friend,
With out a song , life has no meaning.
Pounding my head to make some sense of it all, must go on and on.
So far but so near you have become, all because of senseless stupidity.
Forget me baby for I have to pay the price,
This small cell is my home and thats the reality.
My world now is one of violence and politics, noises and screams,
Cell doors closing, its the madness that was my own choosing.
So carry on my love and have no fear,
you will always be so far but so near

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