European Teenage Fashions
From 1996 to 2003

Have Teen Fashions changed much since the 90s and naughties? This page was started in 1996 and readers were invited to send in their contributions.

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Irish Fashion

• Flares / wide-leg trousers / turn-ups
• Thick cardigans
• Sleevless tops
• 3/4 length shirts, cardigans, skirts etc...
• Anything goes!!

Favourite shops: Oasis,Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Kookai - Sarah

Danish Fashion

Black trousers or diesel workerpants. We have also started wearing combats. Hooded shirts, slim t-shirts or poloneck shirts. mainly in black, grey or red. Diesel is REALLY hot at the mo. Shoes: skater or platforms. Trainers is not really in....i wear it though... sometimes also just black boots.

We usually do our shopping in Hennes and mauritz or our local diesel/levi's stockist. As jackets its duvet or carhartt. red, black and white Christine

Welsh Fashion according to Hannah

• hipster flares - black or bright
• strappy sandals
• vest tops
• logo tees
• tight tees
• Levi 501s
• combat trousers
• Nike or Adidas trainers
• Quiksilver tops and bags
• Any surf gear
• Lads in skating gear (yum!)
• hair mascara
• funky nail varnish

Fave shops:

• Miss Selfridge,
• Kookai
• River Island
• French Connection
• Topshop

Worst shops:

• New Look
• Dorothy Perkins!

Favourite Outfits:

• Blue denim combat trousers, Nike trainers, Quicksilver hooded top
• Beige baggy skate trousers, Converse top, Converse trainers or Bauer blades
• Little black denim skirt, Red tight shirt, Black strappy sandals
• Animal print bikini!!


Hi , my name is Rianne, I'm from Amsterdam and I'm seventeen years old . I liked your website idea, so I've decided to mail you the dutch fashion ;

• Satin dresses with laces worn over your pants
• Capri pants
• a vest that reaches your feet
• shirts with laces
• pink clothes , pink definately is the hippest color at the moment
• skirts that reach your knees
• adidas shoes
• bindi's on your forhead
• henna tatoos on your hands
• asian prints


Hi, my name's Rich, and I live in England my fashion is:

• Black trousers
• White shirts
• Leather jacket
• Black or white school pumps

In West Wales

u c loads of peeps wearing:
• cwl punk-ass chick clothes which r very funky
• scrunched hair or straight n` sleek n` shiny!
• chokers
• studs
• BIG belts
• plastic jewellery
• massive hipster trews!!
• denim
• baggy trews
• chunky boots
• safety pins
• metal
• red nail varnish
• black nail varnish (4 lads an all)
• plum nail varnish
• shockin pink nail varnish
• big,hipster flares
• massive baggy trews
• hipster cords
• slash-neck tops
• low clevage tops
• fishnet tops/tight/stockings
• vibrant make-up

Basically nothin snobby`s in fasion, not necesserely makes either!! actually, personalised clothes is betta!! Susan

Cambridge, England

Hey!!! im Janelle from Cambridge England I like retro: flares, skate trainers such as Etnies, dc's, vans old skool adidas, hoodies, logo tops, plastic jewelry, bright colours, cartoon t-shirts, toby pimlico designs my absolute favorite item of clothing is my bright pink fleecy hoodie with mouse ears on top!! Lots of love (happy shopping!) - Janelle xxxxxx

Bournemouth, England

Hiya! In Bournemouth kids are mostly wearing...
• Spiral Jeans
• Band Hoodies - mostly blink-182
• Skate shoes (Etnies, DCs, vans)
• Parkas
• Dr Who stripy scarves
• Beanies and bucket hats
• knitted fingerless gloves
• Sink chains! (as necklaces)
• Huge cords. Still.
• Anything from surf or skate makes, french connection, gap,dickies,abercrombie+fitch, DKNY and punkyfish
• sketchers
• buffalo boots
• adidas shell-toes
• boardshorts
• really bright hair
lurve Jess

Fashion in Malta

My idea of fashion may not always be what the media feeds us with, but I do get ideas from the high street. I sometimes wear clothes I design myself...mostly 70's retro/80's mod chique, using fabbrics such as black chiffon, satin, striped ties and shirts, together with sneekers (adidas mainly). Or bohemian, gypsy earrings Indian scarfes worn with leather boots or Indian shoes, or leather heels (I do love Miss Self. and Top Shop).

What is fashion but a statement afterall? As lead vocalist in an indie band I don't bother much with people fashion, but with mine. is sound, colour, intensity. I Choose white and black. They speak for themselves. Renaissance and new romantics-inspired clothing, touch of india. definitely huge flairs..brown trousers, dirty denim. I revert to my mother's old wardrobe for coats, uniforms (she's got some exclusive stuff no one makes anymore). I love the uniform. Heavy black eyeliner. No mascara. The most fashionable number may once have been (studio)54, but now it's 666 or 69. Wahahahaha. Music is expression. Expression is art. Art is fashion. Careful what u're listening to. Lisa


My fashion is punk sk8! I wear sk8 tops like Etnies, bench, icon etc, big flares! loads of plastic jewllery! the brighter the better n i wear DC shoes stuff like that! I like cartoon logo tops! Dis is realy popular wiv alot of peeps at my skool! - Alice xXxXx

English Fashion (July 2002):

I live in Cheltenham which is in south west England. The fashion for girls at the moment is large flared baggy jeans and a tight designer branded logo t-shirt.

Many people opt for sports trainers but the majority go for skate shoes e.g. Etnies, DCs. Many go for the greebo look which consists of a hoddy usually a band like blink 182 and a pair of baggy jeans. This summer many wear short or medium length denim skirts with a gypsy top.

London Fashion (September 2002)

Hey don't know when this site was last updated but didn't the whole baggy/flares thing go out of season about 3 years ago?

I live in London and its only really twelve year olds who still find clothes like these a novelty - (by the way I dont know how old the writer of the website is or who is the desired target audience)

I'm 16, and in London and the clothes I usually wear are Diesel jeans and Fred Perry and Ralph Lauren polo shirts, gap t-shirts. For evening wear etc hennes tops are good cos they're cheap but dont look it unless you are severely lacking in taste. When I visited America I fell in love with Abercrombie and Fitch so love their t-shirts.

Hope this is useful or interesting for you, Nicola.

English Fashion (September 2002)

Everyone here is wearing flared or wide leg tros.
Tops are retro and bright, cartoons and bandnames are great too.People are loving piercings too, mainly lips and belly buttons. Hoodies and sk8 are also in. And shoes well if u can see them from under then baggy trousers are trainers either Vans or Nike.

Well thats the fashion in my lil world. C ya

Fashion in North-West Britain (October 2002)

Hello, yep im obsessed like u! about fashion design mostly. In Great Britain's North West we love every thing!!!

The male townie look, consisting of a pair of rockport leather boots, trackie bottoms (tucked in bright cartoony socks) sweaters with polo t- shirt and of course the cap worn so far back on the head it nearly falls off! an earing, an a bad ass attitude!
chah.luv kat.xx

Fashion in Herts (January 2003)

Here in Herts I normally wear either baggy s8r jeans or my fave Levis flared, floor skirt, and a tight black tee. Sometimes I wear a tie over the top. I like V necks and coloured tights.

My fave outfit is - My Dr Marten 20 hole boots, black and purple striped tights, short black skirt, black top with mesh over the top, long purple coat and loads of black eyeliner.

Some peolpe say I look a bit scary, but I learnt my look in Camden, NW1, so. My fave shops are Punkyfish, Birds, H&M, Camden Market and any good market or vintage places wherever I am.
LOL Evelyn

Fashion in Surrey (January 2003)

First of all I wanna just say, what a great page.

I'm a fashion student from Surrey, I live a 20 min train ride from London. I'm not a trendy but my look is influenced from current fashion trends.

• Thick knitted jumpers now it's winter
• Knee length stripy socks
• Stripy hat
• Flared jeans
• Sketchers with sparkly bits

Isle of Wight (January 2003)

Hi I'm on the isle of Wight in da far far part of the south in England most our m8s well most the population wear baggy jeans sk8er shoes (Etnies, DC's, Skechers, Buffalos anything with a make is cool)

Sk8er tops tight tees and slut shoes (6 inch see through heels) may b its just me but I think fashion on da Isle of Wight is pretty cool! Also here, bright colours r da best.

My fav outfit is my pink flares with stringy things cumin off dem fluffy boots and my home made top, it was pink wid long sleeves and I just cut dem evenly into shreads it looks really cool and affective, give it a go!

English Fashion (January 2003)

.... also pink converse shoes are on a lot of teenz shoppin listz

British Fashion (March 2003)

I love the 70's retro style. My whole fashion trend right now is like a satin coat in a bright colour with a design or airbrushing on the back. Hightop chuck-taylors with airbrush. Plain t-shirt of vintage and hoop nameplate earrings and bangle braclets. I love fashion too. When I get older I want to be a fashion designer. Brit-Brat

English Fashion (March2003)

My clothes are mostley retro, I love bright colours and fish net tops. My fave shops are

• Topshop
• Ark
• Aqua
• Loads of other really retro shops.

I wear heavy eyeliner and I have always got my blonde hair shiny and straight!!!

Lol, remember, shop till u drop thats my fave phrase!!! Sally XXXXX


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