USA Teenage Fashions
From 1996 to 2001

Have Teen Fashions changed much since the 90s and naughties? This page was started in 1996 and readers were invited to send in their contributions.

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California Fashion

I don't know about you but in California pagers are a fashion of their own. So are rainbow flare pants - Sarah

Fashion in Houston, Texas

Bell-Bottom Jeans or pants, Tiny tee shirts, big heeled shoes, Nike, Adidas, Fila sneakers (or trainers as you call them).... Melissa Marie

Here in Texas we wear dresses and skirts at fingertips. Anything with blue, green, lime, yellow, or dark and light blue in it!! Shirts with a small picture in the middle, Tommy shirts, and sleeveless shirts!! Plaid shorts, boot leg, faded, and tight jeans!! AND overalls!! Karah

New York Fashion

The fashion is khaki pants or fatigue pants with colorful lambs wool sweaters. My fav. outfit: olive green fatigue pants with a green lambs wool sweater with silver and black sketchers. Samantha

OK I am a banger-one who listens to heavy metal, alternative, and metal. and I wear jncos(wide leg jeans, really wide!), tee-shirts loosely by stussy, 26red,adidas, freshjive, billabong, and quicksilver. for shoes we wear vans, Etnies,and 26redtreds, and anyother small shoes not big and clunky, like the spicegirls, I dispise them!!!by the way I am irish too but I live in the us and I am very proud to be irish!!!! Kriss

Hays, Kansas:

From Shey
• Flares- (any kind)
• Jncos
• skater shirts (or any kind of skater clothes)
• Lucky Brand
• Sketchers
• Knee high boots
• Very High shoes - (You can get a lot of cool stuff in Delia*s Catalog)
• Calvin Klien
• Tanks with spaghetti strap tanks over them (don't substitute baby tees for the underneath tank or you will look very childish)
• Nike, Reebok, Avia, and Adidas
• Short shorts (not too short but at least 5 inches above the knee)
• Boots with shorts
• Colorful Mascara
• Eyeshadow that matches your style (otherwise you will look very STRANGE) Clear and Colorful fingernail polish
• Tips (on fingernails)
• Formal shoes with a heel
• A-line skirt
• sheath dress
• knee highs

From Caitlin - We love to dress in flares with bright colored tops and big-heeled shoes or sneakers(trainers). My favorite outfits are my plaid flares with a white shirt and my denim flares with my striped shirt.

Neat Stores: Gap, Limited 2 and Limited, and Maurice's

California Fashion

Hi! Well I just wanted to write and tell you what the fasion in California is. Well we are very in to surfing stuff in my City (Bakersfield) and we don't even really surf :). We are into rusty, quicksilver, ROXY!!! (the best), and Nike. We wear boardshorts guys and girls and the girls are now gettin into wearing guy length girl boardshorts which are awesome. We also are going through a cargo stage with cargo pants and shorts. Ya know All the cool stuff of California!! - Magen

Atlanta Georgia

At my school, vintage is very in. Skirts below the knee, 70's shirts, 40's handbags, old tight boot-cut or flared pants.

New York city

Fashions of a Demented New Yorker (as she put it herself!) Personally, I prefer the vintage shops, consignment, Salvation Army, and the like. The more outdated, the better. Usually I dont like anything newer than the 19th century, and I adore corsets. Though I have begun to buy from as late as the 1940s. I prefer black or dark shades of red or green. As a seamstress, if it's out of my budget, I can make it for considerably less. As to shoes, I have pretty much any possible variety, from beat-up combat boots to very formal dancing shoes and sandals. My favorite look(at this moment) is a black taffeta dress, the skikt to mid calf, with combats and a biker leather that my husband gave me. My hair is dyed burgundy, which I suppose is the fad now, because now I see every one with it. Or the other favorite is a dark blue satin gown in a 12th or13th century style with silver trim, with very pointed black patent leather shoes and a little silver dragon that sits on my shoulder. Being 19 and no longer in school, I can usually get away with this, as the people I hang out with dress similarly - Rhiannon

New York City

Fashion is extremely varied but the one thing that's common among everystyle - black. New Yorker's love to wear black. NYC club kids have a style of their own, anything goes and the more outragous, the better. Ru Paul for example started his career by being a club kid. Progect X is a club kidmagazine for anyone that's interested. But I must say that London fashion takes the cake.

Wisconsin, USA

Here in Wisconsin a navy blue and yellow blink 182 tee-shirt, hurley (cheetah 2001) shorts, a lucky charms watch, some polo socks (it gets cold in wisconsin, we cant wear sandals), some chuck taylor shoes(black or pink) - Josh

USA Fashion

My type of fashion is bellbottoms and a sweatshirt or hoody for Winter and Fall. In Spring and Summer I think people should wear capris with a short sleeve shirt, tank top, or a halter top. BYE!! Liz (Nicole) :)


Here in Hawaii for the locals its basically surf shorts & hawaiian print bathinsuit tops for the weekend for school its any shorts with any sleeveless top that matches. But me if its red white &blue I'm there - Aloha, Renee


In Brooklyn our fashion is the hottest name brand polo, iceberg, coogi, guess, dkny, tommy, etc.... the latest jordans (only the retros or new ones that come out) Timberland boots (everyone rocks the field ones)--- Peggy

New York

Hey I have a very "original" style and people are always trying to lable me and then I see them the next day with something completly different. For example people have called me Punk and people have called me Preppy. I live in New York City and love to go shopping, I always have trouble finding pants long enough because my inseam is atleast a 34. I figured a way to to cut a pair of short pants off right above the knee, then I take fabric wide enough to fit around my leg and I unevenly sew it to the pants, covering the knee. Then I sew the rest of the pants to the bottom of the fabric. St Marks place is a great place to shop in the city and so I soho anywhere. things are a little pricey though. Amanda

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