Teenager's Poems
1996 to 2003

As these poems were written between 1996 and 2003 by teenagers who are now adults, the surnames have been left off. If you want to reclaim a poem and have your name attached please contact teenmag@irelandcalls.com. We can add your name or remove the poem. Better still, give us a paragraph about yourself to add to your poem.

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Yesterday by Kristi

When babies came from storks,
And "Old McDonald" was my favorite song.
When almost every kid knew that
Right was right, and wrong was wrong.

When bad things didn't happen,
And only skinned knees brought tears.
When our nightlight and stuffed animals
Quieted all of our fears.

When recess was too short,
And life was way too long.
When friendships came easier,
Without feeling the need to belong.

The past thoughts of your life,
Are with you every day,
And you are always hoping
they will never fade away.

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