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Vestvågøy - 37
Borg Modern Church

Borge Church

Modern Church

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Borge Church

photo of towerBorge Church is situated in Vestvågøy, in the centre of Lofoten. The church is situated on top of a hill- and can easily be seen from the main road E 10, close to the Viking Museum Lofotr in Borg.

There has been a church at Borge since the early Middle Ages. Many different church buildings, most with a short lifespan. The previous Borge Church was consecrated in 1898 and burned to the ground during a winter storm in February 1983. The new church, designed by the local architect Knut Gjernes and built in cast concrete with a roof construction of glued wood, was consecrated in 1987. With its upward-thrusting character the building stands in harmony with the surrounding mountain peaks. The church itself is fan-shaped and contains 350-450 seats.

Borge Church is a modern church, and in addition to the church-room there are offices, kitchen and congregation's hall and a great deal of the voluntary work in the congregation is also done in the building. We are Lutherans, and belong to the Church of Norway. In the summertime the church will be open for those who need a break from driving. We can offer you a cup of coffee, peace and quiet in the church room, guided tour if you like, and maybe some time to meditate by organ-music. There is a lot of space in and outside the church for children to move - if they are tired of sitting in a car.

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