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Borg Medieval Sites


Borg Church

Remains of medieval sites

Site Number
Nr. 10

NGO Grid Reference

Map ( 1:50000)
reference: R3 3155

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Medieval Sites

North of the parking area at Borge Church and in close vicinity to the old Churchyard, artefacts and house sites have been localised. Slate fragments, iron fragments, sherds of soapstone vessels, a spindle and charcoal were found in a ditch.

See also site nr. 12. Could these finds represent an old Church site from Medieval times?

Could this be traces of the old Rectory or a Medieval Church?

Look at the flyby and see if you can recognise the sites as mentioned above:

1. Possible house site along the road: Museum nr (Artefacts): Ts. 6561e-f.

2. Possible house site lying over the same road, but localised along the parking area: Museum nr: Ts. 6561 c-d.

3. Further south to the Church and in a ditch situated along the parking area: a possible Church site?

Excavation Details
Not Available

Private property


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