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A guitar is a stringed musical instrument, usually made of wood, with a fretted fingerboard and six or twelve strings. It is played by plucking or strumming with the fingers or a plectrum.

Guitar - musicians

•  Paul McSherry - guitarist who plays mostly Irish traditional music
•  Cairney Hill Music, Celtic and Folk Guitarist Christopher Dean
•  John Doyle - singer, guitar master, arranger and performer
•  Keith Hinchliffe - one of the best and most versatile acoustic guitarists around
•  Jens Kommnick - New acoustic guitar
•  Frank Simon, Boyle, Co Roscommon - is a self taught guitarist and composer, with wide ranging musical influences and tastes

Guitar - Resources

•  Accompanying Irish Music on Guitar - Frank Kilkelly's guide to the accompaniment of Irish dance music on guitar
•  Musika Lessons - for teachers in Irish guitar, bluegrass guitar, classical guitar and other instruments
•  Davy Rogers - archive resource for fingerstyle guitarists & lovers of traditional Irish Music
•  Glenn Weiser's Homepage - celtic guitar music
•  Learn How to Play Guitar - A free resource and database of guitar lessons to help you improve your skills
•  Guitar Chords - free chord charts and printable chord sheets

Guitar Makers and Repairs

•  Chris Larkin Custom Guitars - Fine handmade instruments from Ireland.
•  Pickard Acoustics - Handbuilt guitars and other musical instruments
•  GTR Music - Quality guitars and guitar accessories at cheap prices
•  George Stevens - instrument-making to the high standard demanded by professional musicians and serious amateurs alike
•  Gortin Music Wholesale - Boorinwood guitars made better to last longer

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