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General Music Links

There are countless websites in existence on music in all genres, including traditional Irish music. Below are a small number of links to websites all over the world, many of them specialising in Irish music, musicians, singers and composers.

•  Irish Showbands - Irish Showbands, an archive of the dancehall era
•  Irish Music Ottawa - Irish traditional music activities in or near the Ottawa region of Canada
•  Doc Magilligan's - bringing a little taste of Ireland to Niagara Falls
•  Ceolas, the home of celtic music on the internet
•  Joe Reavy - Irish / American Traditional Music
•  Shannon Pub - Snyder, New York
•  Tigh Roy - Access Irish culture in a relaxed friendly atmosphere
•  The Anglo Irish - Irish pub in Frankfurt
•  Glór - Irish Music Centre - Clare's premier arts & entertainment venue
•  Alden Lee - Makers of fine hardwood furniture for musicians
•  Irish - Striving to be the most comprehensive collection anywhere
•  Ceiling Speakers - ceiling speakers, wall speakers, outdoor cabinet speakers, audio stereo sub woofer speaker systems
•  More Than Sheet Music - the internet home for one of the world's largest music print distributors
•  Learn Drums - Great drumming resource for players of all levels to improve their skills
•  Online Academy of Irish Music - Learn how to play Irish Music online
•  Traditional Celtic Music and Dance in Nederland - folk groups, musicians, instruments, organisations, venues, festivals
•  German (+other) Folk Songs - song lyrics

Check out Ireland Roots for researching your Irish Family History.