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Irish and Bluegrass Guitar

Musika Lessons is a music education company providing private music lessons to students in numerous cities across the USA and Canada. Live, one-on-one online lessons are also available using Skype video calling.

Musika Lessons

We have a large variety of teachers specializing in various instruments and genres including Irish guitar, bluegrass guitar and classical guitar, to name only a few. More information can be found by visiting the site, navigating to your location, choosing your prefered instrument and then browsing the teacher profile pages until you find the perfect fit.

The Musika blog provides 100s of free music lessons in both print and video form. Lessons range from classical music, to bluegrass guitar and bass, jazz and more. At anytime you can use the search function on the blog to find exactly what you are looking for. This content is always free and requires no sign up and never will.

If you are a music teacher passionate about teaching music and want to join the Musika team, we have a place for you.

Check out the Musika Lessons website for more information.

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