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The social networking website Ireland Calls grew out of Irish Chat in 2007. Irish Chat has a longer history back as far as 1998. Unfortunately we had to close Ireland Calls on 31st May 2011 although we kept Irish Chat up to 2012. See History of Ireland Calls.

Ireland Calls weekly Trivia Quiz

From the early days of IC a weekly trivia quiz was run by Andrea, one of the members. This was an extremely popular activity every Saturday evening and Andrea decided to keep it going after the chat room was closed. If you are interested in checking this out visit the Ireland Calls facebook group to find a link to the latest incarnation of the 'Irish Chat Room'. There is also an Irish Chat facebook page you can visit.

More Pages from Ireland Calls

When we closed down "Ireland Calls" we created pages from some of the content. Here are the links to all of those pages.