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Traditional Irish Music Links for Voice

Many traditional Irish tunes and melodies feature vocal accompaniment with a variety of songs and ballads passed down through generations, telling tales of affection, grief and unrequited love. Another unique style of singing in Ireland is the traditional ‘Sean-nós’ (Irish for ‘old style’) - a highly ornamented style of unaccompanied traditional Irish singing. Sean Nós is a soulful and emotionally expressive style which varies from region to region.

•  Antique Music - James Callahan's melodic Irish tenor voice brings some wonderful antique songs to life
•  O Ghlun go Gluin - a collection of artists who have recorded local songs, music and stories for posterity, bringing a unique blend of old customs from around the north of Ireland
•  Lorcan Macmathuna Traditional Irish sean-nós singer whose style is controlled and exciting and extremely expressive

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