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Traditional Irish Music Links for Uilleann Pipes

Uileann pipes are bagpipes developed in Ireland. They are operated by squeezing a bellows held under and worked by the elbow. The name derives from the Irish píob (pipes) + uilleann (genitive singular of uillinn, meaning elbow). Also called: Irish pipes or union pipes.

Uilleann Pipes - Musicians

•  Piper Brian - Uilleann piper Brian McNamara
•  Eamonn Walsh - Uilleann Piper from Mayo, based in Dublin
•  John Devine - Traditional Irish Musician, Uilleann piper & multi-instrumentalist
•  Leonard Barry - from north Kerry, regularly described as one of Ireland’s leading Uilleann pipers
•  Kevin Rowsome - Fifth generation uilleann piper in the Rowsome family
•  Uilleann Pipe news, photos, links, streaming audio and Southern California Pipers' Club
•  San Francisco Pipers' Club
•  John McSherry - John McSherry is hailed as one of the finest exponents of the art of uilleann piping in the world today
•  Tiarnán Ó Duinnchinn - was one of the founding members of Dorsa which recorded "The Wild Music of the Gael" in 1998

Uilleann Pipes - makers, repairs, restoration etc

•  Banba Design - high quality reeds, sundries and pipe maintenance products hand made in Ireland to the highest standard
•  Marc van Daal Uilleann Pipes - Our concert pitch sets of uilleann pipes are handcrafted from the finest woods

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