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Traditional Irish Music Links for Tin Whistle

A tin whistle is a small inexpensive flute-like instrument usually having a plastic mouthpiece and a tin body. It has six finger holes of varying size on top and no thumb holes. Also known as a penny whistle.

•  Enda Seery - plays a variety of whistles and is a prolific composer of music
•  Feadóg - the Feadóg Irish tin whistle is the ideal Irish gift for people of all ages!
•  WhistleTutor - Irish tin whistle lessons and tutorials
•  Whistle-Flute - website dedicated to the Irish whistle and Concert flute

Tin Whistle Manufacturers

•  Michael Burke Pennywhistle Company - precision hand crafted instruments with clear sweet tone
•  The Clare Tin Whistle - made in Ireland by David Le Bas Manufacturing Company

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