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Traditional Irish Music

A small hexagonal instrument resembling an accordion with bellows and with buttons for keys. Although an integral part of Irish traditional music, the concertina was only invented in 1829 by Charles Wheatsone, the same scientist/inventor familiar to physics students who developed the Wheatstone Bridge,. There was also a 'German' concertina invented in 1834 and from the Wheatstone and German concertinas a hybrid was developed known as the Anglo-German (or Anglo for short). It is the Anglo that is used in Irish Music

•  Gráinne Hambly - Concertina and Harp
•  Padraig Rynne - Irish traditional concertina player
•  Jack Talty - Irish Traditional Music on Concertina
•  John Williams - a concertina player of enormous integrity
•  DoN Nichols' Home page

Concertina - sellers, makers, repairs, restoration etc

•  The Irish Concertina Company - Concertinas made in Ireland.
•  Barleycorn Concertinas - contact Chris Algar of Barleycorn Concertinas
•  The Box Place - a complete repair and restoration service for melodeons (diatonic accordions) and concertinas
•  Edgley Concertina - hand-crafted Anglo concertinas from Frank Edgley
•  Wakker Concertinas - hand-made, the Wakker concertina is a marriage of traditional techniques, materials and designs
•  The Button Box specialises in concertinas and accordions

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