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Traditional Irish Music The Bodhrán

A bodhrán is a shallow, hand-held drum traditionally used in Irish music. It consists of a circular wooden frame with a goatskin stretched over it on one side. It it usually played with a short stick.

Bodhrán Performers, Makers and Repairs

•  Roundstone Musical Instruments - Malachy Kearns, Ireland's master bodhrán maker.
•  Brendan White's Tuneable Bodhráns - tuneable bodhráns handcrafted with passion
•  Mance Grady - His innovative spirit continues to cross the boundaries between player and maker
•  Bodhrán World - founded by bodhrán player and performer Kevin Kelly to celebrate the Irish drum
•  "Hedwitschak Bodhráns" - professional bodhrán maker whose drums are rapidly gaining a name for themselves all over the world
•  Bodhrans at Whistle & Drum - Irish whistles, bodhráns and more

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