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Traditional Irish Music Links for Banjo

A banjo is a type of (bluegrass) musical instrument that looks like a small guitar. It has a circular body, a long neck, and four or five strings and it is played with the fingers or a plectrum.

•  Enda Scahill - traditional Irish Banjo, concerts, master classes, CDs & Irish banjo tutor and founder of 'We Banjo 3'

Banjo Makers and Repairs

•  Clareen Banjos - custom-made banjos, mandolas, repairs, restoration
•  Emerald Banjos - commission a banjo or buy one from stock
•  J P Banjos - custom made open back Tenor banjos
•  Al's Banjos - Alan O'Rourke makes genuine handcrafted tenor banjos in County Wicklow - he also repairs banjos

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