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Waterford, Ireland

county waterfordWaterford is the smallest county in the province of Munster on the south coast of Ireland and it derives its name from the Norsic word 'Vethrafjorthr' - weather haven.

The city of Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland and was founded in 853 by Vikings and used as a naval base. Located by the estuary of the River Suir, the city became the main seaport in the southeast of Ireland and its prosperity was established by local industries.

Waterford enjoys a glorious coastline with miles of rugged cliffs, safe sandy beaches and charming fishing villages where you can enjoy sea-fresh fish in a choice of first-class restaurants. The charming fishing village of Dunmore East is well worth a visit. Waterford also boasts many attractive seaside resorts - Tramore being the most well known.

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