Cat rubbing against a girls leg with stockings

Calling all Poets and Connoisseurs of the English Language!

Have you ever been Zurpled?

Definition of Zurple - verb

1: to zurple <The cat zurpled the girls leg> - the cat rubbed up against the girls leg.

2: zurpled <I've been zurpled> - I can't find a word to rhyme with another word for my poem.

Example of Zurple

There was a young poet from Dundrum
Who had a horrid connundrum
But out on the Net she found zurple
A word to rhyme with purple
So she's now out on the town for some fun.

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First Known Use of ZURPLE in 2009

  1. As a word to rhyme with purple - very useful for poets.
  2. As a translation of the Dutch word "kopjes" for a cat rubbing against someone's leg.
    e.g. Een kat geeft kopjes tegen het been van de vrouw" - the cat is rubbing his head against the woman's leg

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