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The Ulster-Scots Society of America

The Ulster-Scots Society Of America is primarily an educational and social organization committed to the promotion of the Ulster-Scots history and heritage, especially as it pertains to the nearly quarter of a million immigrants who left the north of Ireland (Ulster) during the 18th century and settled in America (often referred to as: The Great Migration).

The majority of these immigrants were the descendants of Lowland and Border Scots as well as Northern English who had settled in Ulster four generations earlier. They sought to carve out of the American wilderness a better life for themselves and their families. In the process, they helped establish and build our great American republic.

Once in America, these immigrants came to be known as Scotch-Irish. In the British Isles they are known also as Ulstermen or Ulster-Scots. Today nearly 22 million Americans can trace the roots of at least one family member to these hardy settlers from the North of Ireland."

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