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Travelling to Ireland from the USA

This section of the 'Ireland Calls' discussion boards served as a forum for members to help each other with ideas, views and experiences about travelling from the USA to Ireland. They discussed travel plans and itineraries and swopped ideas and information on their experiences or plans for holidaying in Ireland.

Many questions were aired in this forum and help and advice was frequently sought on topics such as becoming a resident of Ireland, bringing the children, car rental in Ireland, seeking help with itinerary for first trip to Ireland, travelling to Mayo to visit the 'Quiet Man' village of Cong, road signs in Ireland, self guided trips to Ireland and where to stay near Dublin.

Other requests from Ireland Calls members included finding a travelmate for a first trip to Ireland, questions from a physically handicapped visitor, Ireland by bus or Ireland by car?, making phone calls in Ireland, slangs, words and phrases used in Ireland - and even a couple of discussions on the possibility of an extended stay in Ireland or moving to Ireland permanently.