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'Pensive' by 'Stormee'

Sitting in open corridor with pensive thoughts of the last months flowing through his head, Michael seemed to be hard at work to any passer-bye on his floor. These halls of reputation that he inhabited during the day, would continue to move his colleagues from one meeting to another with out even a thought of what could be on the mind of this quiet man.

Michael was the type that was always prepared and ensured his success by having the right answer at the right time. But now, with thoughts of the woman that had taken control of his mind and body in so short a time, Michael was at a loss.

A chance meeting in the parking lot outside of the computer store these many months ago had made him rethink everything. He noticed her right away with her hair lightly blowing in the wind while she stood by her car as he started to walk towards the store. He knew he was a good looking guy and chanced a look as he passed her and they made eye contact. Michael knew the way some women looked at him and even with this beauty in the parking lot he knew he had done it again. But now he also felt a thrill run through him and stumbled a bit as he went in the doorway.

What had it been now? Two months? Two months since they had sat down for coffee and ended up having a wild and tumultuous affair that had simply consumed him.

"Shit!", he thought quietly. "I have got to stop thinking of her."