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Modern Ireland

This was the 'Modern Ireland' discussion board of the Ireland Calls site, where members shared views on what Modern Ireland has become in recent years.

A variety of interesting discussions and debates were to be found on the 'Modern Ireland' forum such as the views of an Australian visitor to northern Ireland, Dublin and Ireland explained in humour, questions about Irish weather and a query from somebody intending to settle in Dublin.

There was a lengthy discussion on the religious conflict in northern Ireland which offered many diverse views about Catholics vs Protestants, the conflict about sovereignty, power sharing, democracy and lots more. Other topics discussed were poverty, corruption, greed and emigration.

Another discussion on the changes to the traditional Irish family opined that the most obvious visible change is that women no longer play a secondary role in the family. Since the 1947 Education Act, they have enjoyed equal opportunites in university education, which in turn has led women into higher employment status, public life, politics and many other progressive roles in society.

There was a discussion on Irish Culture where one member said that it was the best online forum to find out how Irish people think, interact, and absolutely make fun of each other, as Irish people do, given any opportunity!