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Recipe for 'Mock Chai' by 'Edwarddowns'

This is a meal (breakfast) in itself!

In a large mug, 16 oz put 1 Tbs raw, wildflower honey, add 1 Irish Tea bag, (I use Bewley's Dublin Morning Tea) and 1 Celestial Seasoning's "Bengal Spice" tea bag

Add 3/4 Cup boiling hot water and let sit ~3min. Stir and remove/squeeze the bags out into your cup.

Fill the rest with steamed non-fat milk, if you can steam it, or just add the milk if you can't.

This will keep you going 'till lunch!

For a richer milk, add 6-7 Tbs non-fat dry milk to a quart (us) liter (EU) of your milk.

Have a good morning all! Ed