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Recipe for 'Mead' by 'Edwarddowns'

You will need:
1. A large mixing pot with a lid, Mine holds just under 2 gallons
2. A gallon jug, I use an apple juice jug
3. Something called a bubbler in brewer's language, it is an air trap that allows air (gas) to escape the jug without letting air into the jug. This fits into the jug by a stopper with a hole in it to accommodate the bubbler.
4. Siphon hose, I use a clear plastic tubing from the hardware store ~3/8” outside diameter
5. Clean everything thoroughly, I use a little chlorine in the water, then really rinse well

1. Large jar of wildflower honey, 3lbs.
2. 1 tsp. Lemon Juice
3. 1. rounded tsp. Bee Pollen
4. 1/3 tsp. Black Tea, I use Bewley's Irish Breakfast tea, or Bewley's Dublin Morning tea. Brew it double strength, i mean really really strong. (try two bags in a full cup of water)
5. 1 gallon of spring water, the drinking kind. Don't use tap water.
6. 1/4 pack of Champagne yeast. i find this at the local beer brewing shop, you can also find it on line, but probably have to buy too much.) If you can't find it locally, try begging the online guy to sell you a pack or two. It will keep unopened in the fridge for quite a long time.

Mix everything together except the yeast and heat to about 160* F, (~70-72*C ). Hold this temp for about 30 mins. (1/2 hour),giving a stir from time to time to prevent scorching or boiling. Then cover (fire off) and let it sit.
After about 12 hours you can start and add the yeast. (*see below) Mix in the yeast well.

*In order to start the yeast, put a little honey (maybe a teaspoon) in a tea or coffee mug, add some warm, not hot, water 1/4 C. and dissolve the honey, then add the yeast and dissolve, then let sit in a warm place until it foams up pretty good.

Let the pot, with everything mixed in, sit overnight then siphon into the gallon jug allowing just enough room between the liquid and the stopper so that it doesn't get sucked up into your bubbler. (~1 inch) Put on the bubbler. (see bubbler instructions to set it up)
Now, set it aside in a shaded not too cold a place and leave it alone for about a month. It should be bubbling pretty good. Decant into another jar about every month or two or until it stops bubbling and is clear. When decanting try not to get the sediment into the new jug. Overall I have enjoyed the Mead about 1 1/2- 2 years after starting. Hope it works for you.