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Horse Riding in Ireland

L'Equitation en Irlande - riding along an Irish Beach

Horses have always played an important role in literature and folklore of this Celtic island. EquitationMany old tales describe the horse as a protector against the spiritual forces of evil and the relationship between man and horse is a recurrent theme in Irish literature.

Have you ever dreamt of galloping along a deserted beach with the sea breeze on your face? Ireland is exactly the place where you can realize this dream!

The magical charm of the "Emerald Isle" makes Ireland an ideal destination for horse riding. There are a wide variety of equitation packages for your vacation in Ireland. Few countries worship the horse as much as the Republic of Ireland, indeed, the horse is part of the Irish culture. In order to discover the countryside, with its stone walls , its green fields and hills, riding is very enjoyable. And there are miles of beaches perfect for galloping.

There are a wide range of possible options for those who want to experience riding in Ireland. Whether for an afternoon trek, intensive training, or a hike up through the most beautiful scenery imaginable, the choice is yours. Beginners can rely on qualified instructors to help them establish a relationship of trust with their horse.

Trail horse riding  in Ireland

For thrill seekers, a gallop cross-country is ideal for an adrenaline rush.

Horse jumping is a popular sport in Ireland and is available in every equestrian center. But if you are looking for something different, pony-trekking is a must. It takes you on farmland, roads and tracks to expand your horizons. Discover many spectacular Irish landscapes ranging from long deserted beaches to majestic mountains.

Irish Equitation - horse riding on  holiday in Ireland

Round off your day with a good meal and sweet dreams of your equestrian holiday in Ireland!


Connemara and Coast Trails /
Aille Cross Country Trail and Equestrian Centre

Did you know that the Connemara Trail is the one of the oldest trail riding holidays in the world? What better place than Connemara with its beautiful mountains and wild Atlantic coast. The trail will lead you through spectacular scenery and hidden gems of the authentic Connemara landscape.

At Aille Cross Equestrian Centre in Loughrea, County Galway, beginners and experienced riders can enjoy activities with a horse chosen according to their capabilities, and can choose to ride for an hour, a half-day or a week on the Connemara Trails.

Horse Riding Ireland: Kerry

Killarney, located in County Kerry is famous for the beauty and grandeur of its landscapes. This town is located in the south west of Ireland, with its three famous lakes which have inspired many poets and artists. Killarney is probably one of the best-known attractions in the world.

The Killarney Riding Stables are located just 1 mile from the centre of the town of Killarney. The stables offer daily trails in the Killarney National Park for 1 - 3 hours. Spend the day in the park along the shores of Lough Lein (the largest of the three lakes), with panoramic views of innisfallen Island.

The 6 day Killarney Reeks Trail ride is one you will never forget, allowing you to discover the breathtaking scenery of County Kerry, through mountain trails, country roads and the famous Ring of Kerry.