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Setting the Date

After the formalities of all the 'Congratulations' are out of the way, the very first question you can expect to be asked is ... "When is the Big Day?" Everything surrounds that one important day and settling on a date well in advance will make the planning fall into place.

The most important consideration when setting a date is the suitability and convenience of that date for the two of you. It's not important that it takes place during Auntie Molly's annual holidays or just after Uncle Jim recovers from his knee operation (so he can hit the dance floor!), it should be a mutually agreed date, suiting the two most important people on that day ... you and your fiancee. Is there a time of year that you always wanted to get married? Maybe you want to be a classic June bride or perhaps you would love a white winter wedding with a little trace of snow if possible.

You may also end up choosing your wedding date based on the availability of the church/registry office where you want to get married as well as on the availability of a particular hotel or other venue for the reception.


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