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Irish Trivia Quiz

This was the Irish Trivia Quiz section of the 'Ireland Calls' discussion boards and it was one of the most popular parts of the site.

This developed as a result of the fun quizzes (and some serious ones!) which were held, at midnight (Irish time) every Saturday night, in the Irish Chat rooms, by chatters from all parts of the globe. 'Andrea', who is one of the longest serving members of 'Ireland Calls' set the questions for this weekly Sat night event. She also kept the score and announced the final results at the end of each quiz.

Many of the questions had a strong Irish flavour but there were questions of a general nature from other corners of the world. The questions were not overly difficult to answer and the quiz itself was purely for fun. The Irish Trivia Quiz was an enjoyable way for members members to get together on a Sat night, exchange some good-natured banter and test their general knowledge at the same time.

Visit our Irish Trivia Website for examples of the type of questions that come up in the quiz.

Ireland Calls and Irish Chat are no longer able to run a chatroom suitable for the quiz. However, you can still participate by joining the Ireland Calls facebook group set up by Andrea.