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Recipe for 'Irish Stew' by 'Galway West'

1 lb of diced shoulder of lamb
4 loin lamb chops (lean)
2 carrots
2 onions
12 medium sized potatoes
Salt & pepper to season
Tablespoon of flour
Chopped parsley

Rince and dry the diced lamb and chops, (dont take the fat from the chops it creates the flavour). Place the salt, pepper and flour in a bowl and mix all three together

Put the meat into a bowl, basin, or sauspan, and mix in the the seasoned flour.
Place in a hot pan with a hint of butter stiring all the time for about 4/5 minutes. (This seals the flavours)

Transfer into a large stew pot, add the carrots, and onions and five of the potatoes all sliced.

Add enought cold water to the stew so that it is 3 inches above the meat.Stir meat and veg so that it blends with the water. Bring to the boil and leave to simmer for one and half hours, stirring every now and then.

Finally add the rest of the potatoes just halved and continue to simmer until potatoes are cooked.

Before serving, taste and add more seasoning if required. Finally add the chopped parsley

Serve in a deep base plate with juices from stew.