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Irish Roots

This was the genealogy section of the Ireland Calls discussion boards and it was a forum whereby members could meet other people interested in tracking down their Irish Roots and exchange tips and ideas.

Ireland Roots

You can continue your research into your Irish Roots in the Irish Roots message board where you will find a section for every county in Ireland from Antrim through to Wicklow.

In Ireland Calls there were interesting discussions on Ireland's industrial schools, Irish ballads and singers as well as other Irish Geneology web sites. A host of Irish surnames were listed by members seeking to trace Irish family roots. Many of these ancestors emigrated from Ireland and settled in places as far away as Australia, Newfoundland, North Carolina, Jamaica and beyond. Some Ireland Calls members had located passenger lists for ships that their ancestors sailed on, while others discussed the very useful Ellis Island website.

In Ireland Roots there is a comprehensive list of Irish Surnames.