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The Irish in America Discussion Board

This was a discussion board that members of Ireland Calls used to exchange information on the history of the Irish in America. This board had numerous discussions on famous Irish-Americans as well as anything and everything to do with the experiences of Irish people who have gone to live in the USA at any time, past or present.

Popular topics discussed included the American Foundation for Irish Heritage, the Archives of Irish America at New York University, the Irish Diaspora to the United States and Immigrants from the North of Ireland.

Other discussions of historic interest included the Great Migration from Ulster to America - 1717-1775, the Irish in American History before 1775, The Irish in American History - 1775-1799, the Ulster-Scots Society of America, Irish Units in the American Civil War and Irish-American Academy Award Winners 1931-1997.

There was great interest in discussions about the Irish Heritage Trail in Massachusetts, the Irish in Chicago, and the website of the Irish Echo Online.

Books of Irish-American interest were discussed and these included 'Emigrants and Exiles' by Kerby Miller, 'Irish American Chronicle' by various authors and 'The Irish Face in America' - authors Julia McNamara & Jim Smith.