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The Irish Heritage in Massachusetts

This site has an interactive map of the Irish Heritage Trail in the state of Massachusetts. Very interesting!

"Welcome to the Irish Heritage Trail, a guide to landmarks of Irish-American artists and heroes from the 1700s to the present here in Massachusetts. The Trail is divided into three sections: 20 sites in downtown Boston and Back Bay, covering over three miles: and over 50 other landmarks in Boston neighborhoods, cities and towns throughout the state.

As a cultural tourism group, we want visitors, residents and educators to learn about the state's largest ethnic community as a way of appreciating American culture, heritage and history.

And secondly, we created this Trail as a way of advocating for the care and restoration of these precious historical landmarks, many of which need to be refurbished. We place a value on these landmarks with hopes that they'll be preserved and maintained for future generations.

Enjoy your journey along the Irish Heritage Trail!