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Book: 'The Irish Face in America' by Julia McNamara & Jim Smith

This was a summary (by 'Freckles'') on the 'Ireland Calls' website about a book by authors Julia McNamara & Jim Smith, entitled 'The Irish Face in America'. 'Freckles' deemed it to be "a great read!"

Description from the flap:
The Irish Face in America profiles a vibrant cross-section of Irish Americans and their contributions to every aspect of society. Intimate color portraits by photographer Jim Smith are accompanied by personal accounts from each subject. Several well-known figures are included: film stars Martin Sheen, Ed Burns, and Bridget Moynahan; Irish dance legend Michael Flatley of Riverdance; television personality and producer Merv Griffin; and pro golfer Mark O'Meara among them. The stories span all ages and walks of life, and capture the richness and heritage of the Irish-American experience in cities as diverse as Boston, Massachusetts; New Orleans, Louisiana; Chicago, Illinois; and Oahu, Hawaii. The men and women featured are writers, firefighters, college students, performers, politicians, astronauts and athletes - a vivid reflection of the Irish-American presence throughout our culture.

Providing a framework for these portraits of Irish-American life are longer essays by prominent figures. Writers Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark talk about the strength of family and the Irish spirit throughout the generations; Terry Golway, co-author of The Irish in America, writes about the crucial role the Irish have played in public service; Patricia Harry, editor of Irish America Magazine, addresses the Irish influence on music, culture and literature; and leading businessman Don Keough writes about the perseverance of Irish Americans who have succeeded in business and sports. Bestselling author Pete Hamill provides a memorable introduction. These insightful essays explore the question of what it is to be an Irish American - a subculture with enormous pride in its heritage, deeply rooted in tradition and culture, yet utterly modern and ever changing.