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The History of Irish Coinage

One of the 'Ireland Calls' members 'lonnieurchin' has an avid interest in numismatics (world coin and banknotes and all things in between) and is the editor of a monthly and a bi-monthly newsletter about coins.

According to lonnie "the historical aspect that can be opened up during the study of 'coins' is enormous - there is no limit and the scope is as wide as you care to make it. My 'favorite' is the American Civil War but I have studied and written about other countries as well - mainly in conjunction with their coins and currencies of course as that is my hobby .. I have found out about firearms, ammunition, pay, muster lists etc, battles and personalities connected with the War between the States for instance. I have made friends with like-minded descendants of Blue/grey soldiers and heard personal stories that have been passed down".

According to lonnie, coinage is part of Irish history - and for more information on Irish coinage check out 'The Harp and The Shamrock'