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This was the gardening section of the old Ireland Calls discussion boards where members with an interest in gardening could discuss ideas, swap tips and generally enjoy the banter about all things related to gardens and gardening. The topics dealt with ranged from cucumbers to cannabis, from potted plants to pot pourri ... and a lot in between!

Did you know that daffodils bloom in Australia in the autumn (Autumn months are March, April and May there), but in Ireland / England they bloom in March/April in Spring - so in the same months but different seasons!

'Fall Gardening' is another name for the gardening people do in the autumn. As most people already know the Fall season is a good time to plant bulbs for spring flowers... in pots or the ground. Also, some greens like spinach, lettuce, kale grow nicely in Fall, and take a short time to grow. Another autumn gardening chore is cleaning up from the summer plants, shrubs and greenery.

There was a discussion on Garden Gnomes ... love them or hate them ... as well as hints and tips on polytunnels, garden pottery, water features and ceramic vases.