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'For Kathleen' by 'Dr Feelgood'

I watched her across the room
like I've never done before
and in her eyes I saw her question
and struggled for the answer
in that fleeting instance
I was young again
lost again
waiting for her
and she came and took me home.

The day she left
I waited long and last
in that cold march rain
for a warming hand
so easily given
so rarely taken
and no one came.

and I missed you Ang
and your Friday mints
that lasted days
and I wondered why and where and how
til each passing day became years
of cards and opened letters.

Now should be our time Ang
to talk without whispered fear
to hug without tears
to take your hand and grip it tightly
to let you know im always here.

in that short glance
I saw a lifetime lost
but in your gaze I see a present fought
A loving mother
A grieving sister
my saviour