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'The Empty Nest' by 'Comfort'

Dust motes dancing in the gathering gloom
As I stand within this large, empty room,
The boxes have gone, no furniture left
As my last fledgling flies from the nest.

My son has flown and left this stillness
In my heart I feel a chillness,
He will be Okay, I'm certain he will
The emptiness left is down to me to fill.

When times got tough and I felt sad
You helped me through when things got bad,
You lifted my spirits and pushed me on
With words of encouragement to carry on.

Your smiling face is all that I need,
You've so much talent - everyone agrees,
So help yourself as you have helped me
Keep your head high for the world to see.

You're a smashing guy, you're my best friend,
You have my love to the very end,
You showed me kindness - you gave such joy
You're still my baby, my little brown-eyed boy.