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DIY - Do It Yourself

This was the discussion board for members of Ireland Calls to exchange information on all aspects of DIY .... Do It Yourself!

DIY doesnt always have to be something as big as a building project. DIY comes in many forms like renovations, alterations, garden design, knitting, sewing or maybe even art work, toy-making or general crafts. This was a good forum in which to share secrets, learn new things and tell everybody how exactly you Did It Yourself!

There was a variety of handy hints on anything from keeping a scissors sharp to changing the paint colour on your kitchen cabinets! There were handy hints on restoring old furniture and an excellent step-by-step guide to making chairside tables out of very simple and readily available components, including candlesticks, some bevelled mirrors and a glue gun. There even was details of a website which showed a step-by-step guide on how to paint faux flagstones onto your cement floor.

Other categories included information about an amazing product for keeping your engine parts clean, as well as tips on the 'nuts and bolts' in your engine and their general maintenance and upkeep.