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This was a discussion board for members of Ireland Calls to exchanges news, views and information about Country Music.

Country music has generally always been thought of as sad songs about spouses leaving, hearts breaking and people yearning for love they couldn't have, but today's country music has changed a great deal from that particular genre.

The content of this discussion board included a lot of contemporary country music artists like Alan Jackson, Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Randy Houser, Reba McEntire and a whole host of others.

Nashville, as most people know, is the real home of country music and there were many references to Nashville and its stars on these discussion boards. There was a wealth of videos and clips from you-tube with something for everyone who enjoys 'good old country music' at its best.

Most couples have a song of their own that is special for whatever reason and there was a section on this board devoted to songs that are popular at weddings for brides & grooms.