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This was the Ireland Calls 'Buy, Sell & Exchange' discussion board, described as being useful 'for anything you want or don't want'! It is not a forum intended to replace ebay or your local supermarket notice board, but might be useful for that odd item you no longer have use for, or to find an unusual item you haven't been able to locate. However, no responsibility or liability is accepted for any items bought, sold or exchanged!

This forum was a real smorgasbord of miscellaneous items! In each discussion Ireland Calls members were either seeking to buy or sell items or, in some cases, wishing to do a swap. The range of items in the 'Exchange' section included car swaps, house exchanges, Irish dancing costumes and collecting old Super Nintendo games!

In the 'For Sale' section there were Irish linen tea towels from Northern Ireland, an online store for home decor products, Victorian Era porcelain dolls and a couple of websites with crafts and gifts that would make unusual presents if you were just looking for some fun stuff.

If you wanted to learn about dogs, or in particular labradoodles and goldendoodles, this was the discussion board for you! Apparently these type of dogs are poodles crossed with either a labrador retriever or golden retriever.

Or maybe you would have liked to become a Barnac Harvester in counties Mayo or Sligo? The job specs described this as a great part time job or business opportunity for surfers and shoreline fishermen, who would need to be physically able to lift and carry 100 kilo's and navigate on and around wet rough substratum (rocks and stones) from the high shore to the sublittoral fringe. Might be worth a try!!