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The Archives of Irish America at New York University

This was a discussion on the 'Ireland Calls' website about the Archives of Irish America at New York University. This website looks like a good one for research.

Glucksman Ireland House and the Division of Libraries at New York University are working to build a leading archive relating to various aspects of Irish American life. This will be the first permanent, professionally staffed repository of its kind. By preserving the primary sources necessary to interpret Irish America in conjunction with an academic course of study in this emerging field, the Archives of Irish America will become a major research center over the next decade.

"Our understanding of American history is incomplete without the Irish dimension, just as Irish America is a critical component in the course of Irish history. The Archives of Irish America is a repository of primary research materials at New York University that aims to transform our understanding of the Irish migration experience and the distillation of American Irish ethnicity over the past century.

On this site, you can:

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