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This was a section of the 'Ireland Calls' website dedicated to travel and members interested in travelling all over the world.

Amongst the topics discussed were: Has anyone been in Shanghai?, Alaska, Australia, From Austria to Ireland, Galapagos Islands, Holiday in Bodrum/Gumbet in Turkey, Irish Music Course in France in Summer, Mexico, Sweden, The Sistine Chapel, The Wildrover Leisure Group and World Travel.

Other discussions between members dealt with topics as diverse as Different ways in different countries, Argentina, Aussie travellers, an Autumn walk in Berlin, Costa Rica, India, Irish Festival Cruise, Living in Holland, a short visit to Turkey, Travelling from Australia, Travelling in Europe, Travelling to New Zealand and Welcome to Finland!

Here is an interesting account of Australia from an 'Ireland Calls' member - himself Irish, but resident in Australia for more than 50 years.
"G'day... If there is anything that you would like to know about Australia, I would be happy to assist. Australia is so huge. There are many stories about visitors who are totally unaware of just how big it is. One is of the air traveller who, upon hearing the announcement from the pilot that the plane was now flying over the city of Darwin, the main city of the Northern Territory, started to get his things together, so that he would be ready when the plane landed in Sydney - only to find himself still in the air four hours later. It's that big!

Another, of a visitor from Germany who held a high profile position in the large German company Bosch, was met at the airport by one of Bosch's Australian managers who asked him what his itinerary was for the day and he responded by saying he would like to have lunch in the city and check out the opera house and harbour bridge and maybe in the afternoon have a look at Ayers Rock. Well, the only way he was going to see Ayers Rock, (which is roughly in the centre of Australia), in the afternoon would have been in a brochure. It's only about three thousand kilometers away from Sydney. So if anyone is thinking about travelling to Australia, remember, it's much bigger than you think!"