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My Love

Embrace me one last time my love
Before you die and go
Embrace me one laast time my love
Why do you have to go?
Hold me one last time my love
Let my love for thee dry your tears
Kiss me one last time my love
Think of all our happy years
Don't abandon me now my love
Keep your eyes upon my face
Don't let your soul fly away my love
Stay with me here in this place
Keep your faith in me my love
Try not to go away
Stay as long as you can my love
Pray to live one last day
Your heart is getting strong my love
You are coming back to me
Your soul is coming back my love
Your strength is back I can see
Now embrace me every day my love
For now you're going to stay
You're going to stay with me my love
Because you prayed and prayed

Shannon Walker