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She dances with a light foot
Her arms are tied and untied
Around her body like two scarfs
Her eyes are dark and splendid
The sun got caught in her raven hair
Even though, it still looks like gold
Round her head were pieces of metal
Which sparckled in the sun
And formed a coronet of stars
That sat upon her brow
Her azure robe be sparckled
Like a thousand diamonds
And glistned like a summers night
There was something luminous
About her even in daylight
She is not a mere woman
Molded from and faintly lighted
With a womans soul
She is an angel
When she sings
Men are rendered helpless
Her soft undulations of octaves
Rise and fall like the sun
At one time you would think that
She is a maniac
At the other, a queen
A man could listen with
A kind of rapture and forgetfullness
All of sudden she stops singing
And goes around collecting money
In her bag
And then skips of into the night
With a full bag
And nobody ever sees her again

Shannon Walker